The Next Generation in Trade Intelligence
We work with you to transform trade data into
decision-ready intelligence
Gathering the correct dataset is just the first of a series of time-consuming and repetitive steps that need to be taken to convert raw, unstructured data into the insights you need to make important business decisions.
PIERS helps by bringing your data to life!
Increased Efficiency
Say goodbye to the time-consuming, repetitive tasks involved in working with data and focus on growing your business.
Improved Data Accuracy
We work with you to optimize our data to cut through the clutter and provide only the insights you are looking for.
Decision-Ready Intelligence
With our intuitive dashboards the answers to your burning questions are no more than two clicks away.
  • Market Specific Insights
    Identify supply/demand shifts and capitalize on domestic and international opportunities
  • Actionable Intelligence
    Immediate understanding of competitive relationships, tendencies, and strategies
  • High Level to Granular Views
    Client specific analysis that delivers insights throughout multiple levels of an organization
"This is intelligence automated. This is the new generation. The PIERS team is here to make sure
you're along for the ride."
See what our customers are saying about us
"The business intelligence tools created by PIERS allows us to identify trends in the chemical industry based on companies and specific commodities being shipped around the world and apply that knowledge to our decision making."
-Ernie Cote, Chief Executive Officer, Chemical Info
Bring your data to life with PIERS